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I'm Katie.
I got pregnant at 16
I had my son when i was 17.
Now his going to be one March 11th.
I'm in a relationship with a guy whos not my son's father but thinks of him as his own and calls him his son. We've been together for a year.
I would love to meet new mommys or mothers to be.
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x What is your name & age? my name is Bianca and i am 18
x Location? Killee, Tx
x What is your baby's name? Abigail Hannah
x Boy or girl? Girl
x Baby's age? 4 months
x Father's name & age? Mike, 24
x What's the relationship with the father? married
x Living situation? an apartment
x Are your parents supportive of you and your baby? yes
x How did you find this community? i shearched for teen moms =]

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Hey I'm selling a TON of preemie/new born baby boy clothes on ebay. Check it out!



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If anyone has a few minutes to spare, I would appreciate it it you could take a minute to fill out this survey .
I will use the results to write my paper, no names will be used.


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this isnt a graphics community or anything, but i'm bored so i thought i'd ask if anyone wanted something like this:
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So we went shopping today and I was holding Sarica and she's "ba ba ba"-ing along when all of a sudden she stops and I look at her and shes passed out! lol, right in the middle of a ba, she was asleep!

Anyways here's some pics (Including the one of her starting to crawl!

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Hey, How is everyone? I hope you all are doing good. I haven't been around very much and so I thought I would check and see how everyone is doing. Sabrina is 5 months now..time has gone so fast. Her father, Ira got out of jail Nov.10, and he loves her to death, she by far is a daddys girl. Thats whats been up with me..


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Sarica at almost 5 months old!!

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