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x What is your name & age? my name is Bianca and i am 18 x…

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x What is your name & age? my name is Bianca and i am 18
x Location? Killee, Tx
x What is your baby's name? Abigail Hannah
x Boy or girl? Girl
x Baby's age? 4 months
x Father's name & age? Mike, 24
x What's the relationship with the father? married
x Living situation? an apartment
x Are your parents supportive of you and your baby? yes
x How did you find this community? i shearched for teen moms =]

fun facts =]
-my husband is in the army
-we got married when i was 17... after i got pregnant but not BECAUSE i was pregnant.
-i had abigail when i was 17.
-abigail was 9lbs 1.5oz
-my best friend was with me when i had my baby
-i was in labor for 30+ hours
-my husband is a disabled veteran that was injured in iraq
-i love playing Halo and Call of Duty on Xbox 360 =]
-my mom is a single parent
-i havent met my in-laws... yet.
-i have 2 cats that i bottle fed because they were abandoned.
-my kitties are brothers =]
-ive been to the birth of a friends baby. it was amazing
-im joining the air force.
-im going to be a labor and delivery nurse
-my daughter has nerve damage from birth.
thats about it i think.... =] any questions? just ask!

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On March 6th, 2009 01:30 am (UTC), axlackxofxcolor commented:
does your daughter really fit in that cup??? or was it photoshopped? that looks so weird! lol
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On March 6th, 2009 04:17 am (UTC), pandalovee replied:
she really fit! people usually think its a doll... but i have other pictures too!


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